Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Believe in Dreams

How many languages can you speak? 
I can only speak two. Three if I have the audacity to claim that my elementary level español counts and it really doesn't.
In such a multicultural world, two languages is simply not enough to get by. Today, I met a girl who knows five different languages. German, English, French, Japanese and Latin. That's a bit too extensive for me personally however her aspirations lie in the translating field so she's on the right track to achieving her dreams. 
Being of asian decent and migrating when I was young, I'm essentially a "forced bilingual" and my mother used to constantly suggest that I should push this edge I have over the competition and become a translator. At the time, I did not even consider that option because I thought the job was beneath me, being the narrow-minded and spoilt child I was. This girl, she's changed my mind about translating completely and she is now one of my sources of inspiration for life, as dramatic as it sounds.
No, not just because of her skills in the linguistic department.
What I envy most of her is the absolute certainty she holds to her dream and the efforts she is putting into achieving them, evident to me after just a brief chat. 

The story she told me about how she came about wanting to be a translator goes something like this:
"You know those Lets Play videos on youtube? Yeah. Those ones where gamers play all sort of different games. I was watching one of those and they guy was playing what was originally a japanese game translated into english. The gamer was complaining about how the translations were crap and I agreed. The English translations were horrible. It was then and there that I thought, you know what, I could do much better so I will."
Such a small incident yet such a major turning point in her life.
I guess I shouldn't be envious. I know what I want to do with my life as well (despite not having a pivotal point or back story) in a blurry sort of way where the harder I think about it, the more out of my grasp it seems. Some tell me it's impossible, others remark it's ambition-less but it has been something that's been with me for a long time.
I want to travel the world and I don't care how. I will generate my own money whether it's through working with jobs I can find in the countries I'm in whether it's at cafes, schools or through taking photos and blogging my experience. The closer it is to the real deal the better. I want to trek through the Sahara Desert, I want to do research and wildlife work in Antarctica, I want to visit North Korea and document the life, find spiritual peace in Tibet, I want to experience the lead up and the aftermath of national festivals or spiritual experiences etc. in the cities they occur in. I want to truly be a global citizen, and when I finally chose to settle down, I shall bring everything together into a book or a documentary that truly represents the whole world, with objectivity but not devoid of emotion as I want to explore humanity at it's core as well as geographical landscapes. This, is what I want to do. 

What about you?

What keeps you going when you feel like your dreams are unreachable? I dare you to record your dreams down like I have. That makes them more tangible and harder to take back. Remember, it's okay to let others influence and shape who you are but never let them live your life. No task is more meaningful or less meaningful than another. Dream big or small, it doesn't matter because there is no such thing as something being too good or not good enough for you. Believe, work hard, and ignore the people that don't want you to reach success. It's only by living like this can you die without regrets, and be someone worthy of being remembered.